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Dr. Gary Feldman is a surgeon and podiatrist specialized in the treatment of various orthopaedic conditions of the foot and ankle.

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  • Foot & Ankle
    Reconstructive Surgery

    Foot reconstruction is a surgery performed to correct the structures of the foot and restore the natural...

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  • Arthroscopic
    Foot & Ankle Surgery

    Arthroscopy is a surgical procedure during which the internal structure of a joint is examined for diagnosis and...

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  • Total Ankle
    Joint Replacement

    Total ankle replacement surgery is used to treat the pain and immobility of severe end stage arthritis that...

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  • Foot & Ankle

    A bone fracture is a medical condition in which a bone is cracked or broken. It is a break in the continuity

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  • Sports Medicine
    of the Foot & Ankle

    Sports injuries occur when playing indoor or outdoor sports or while exercising. Sports injuries can

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  • Common
    Foot Problems

    Total ankle replacement surgery is used to treat the pain and immobility of severe end stage arthritis that...

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Dr. Feldman Foot & Ankle Surgeon

Dr. Feldman is a board-certified foot and ankle surgeon. Dr. Feldman received his undergraduate degree from the University of Maryland, his graduate degree from the Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine and received advanced surgical training as chief resident at St. Agnes Medical Center in Philadelphia.

Bounce Back Sports Related Injuries Icon

Bounce Back From Sports Related Injuries

Injuries to the foot and ankle are common while playing sports.

These include sprains and strains, foot and ankle fractures and Achilles tendinitis. We offer individualized treatments to help you safely return to play.

Boosting Recovery with Biologics

Platelet-Rich Plasma

PRP is a relatively new method of treatment for several orthopedic conditions such as muscle, ligament, and tendon injuries; arthritis; and fractures. Platelets consist of special proteins, known as growth factors, which help with our body’s healing process. PRP injections consist of a high concentration of platelets and plasma which when injected into injured tissues can help alleviate pain, promote healing, and delay the need for surgery.

AdvancedFoot & Ankle Reconstruction

With the new advancements in surgical technology, the traditional method of treating foot disorders is replaced by a minimally invasive technique (arthroscopy) which can be performed on an outpatient basis.

News & Articles

Ankle Replacement Icon

Ankle Replacement was once disparaged as borderline quackery.
No longer.

Once disparaged as borderline quackery, the total ankle replacement is gaining acceptance as a treatment for crippling arthritis and serious injuries.

Research & Publications

Bilateral Spontaneous Avascular Necrosis Icon

Bilateral Spontaneous Avascular Necrosis of the Navicular: Case Presentation with Comparative Imaging.

It is unusual to find such extensive deformity of the navicular in a bilateral and symmetrical fashion. The apparent lack of significant trauma.

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Dr. Feldman In The Media

  • dr-gary-feldman-interview-video

    Dr. Feldman's Interview on MPT TV

  • dr-gary-feldman-presentation-video

    Dr. Feldman's Presentation to Shady Grove Staff on Total Ankle Replacement surgery

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