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Post-Op Patient Instructions

Surgical Procedure – Post Operative Care

After surgery your surgeon will give you guidelines to follow depending on the type of repair performed and the surgeon’s preference. Common Post-operative guidelines include:

  • A special post-op shoe will be worn to keep the toes from bending. This can be worn for 2-6 weeks depending on the extent of your surgery
  • You will have a dressing over the surgery site that your surgeon will remove after about a week
  • It is important to keep the dressing clean and dry. No showering or bathing until your surgeon allows
  • Sutures are usually removed at 10-14 days unless dissolvable sutures were used in the surgery
  • Elevating the foot above heart level when sitting and applying ice packs will help to reduce swelling
  • Medications for pain will be prescribed to keep you comfortable
  • Eating a healthy diet and not smoking will promote healing

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